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Christmas Ornaments

Hello!  Today I have 10 handmade paper ornaments to post.  All are made with different paper collections from Pion Design, including their new Christmas collection Christmas Wishes.  These ornaments can also be found on Pion Design’s Oct. 25 blog post here.  I have included the links for the tutorials at the bottom of this post.   There are many seasons of our life when we get so busy that it’s great to be able to draw on the talents of others for our inspiration.  I am really looking forward to a more quiet season of my life where I can spend more time with family and the things I love most, including paper crafting!

Here is the link for the tutorial for the first seven ornaments
Here is the link for the tutorial for the pink and blue #8 ornament.
And here is the link for the tutorial for the above #9 green origami ornament.
Which one is your favorite? 🙂
As the cooler weather brings the changing seasons, I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!


Carousel Swings

Taras Studio_20150516_1
Taras Studio_20150516_2
Taras Studio_20150516_5
Taras Studio_20150523_3-1
This Carousel Swing project tries to capture the bygone days of childhood when there was anticipation for county fair and carnival rides such as this one. We’re approaching the time of year for fairs in this part of the country, and I still go every year! I always look forward to the tasty funnel cakes and fried cheesecake that are so famous at the fair.
This project is functional with pull-out drawers on the base. It’s made with poster board, and chipboard. I’m enclosing the templates for this project along with instructions for how to construct it for those of you interested in making it. Be sure and scale and print each of the templates at 100%. It’s a challenging project requiring lots of time to make, but the end result is sure to be something that will be dearly treasured!

Carousel Swings Instructions
Carousel Swings Piece #1
Carousel Swings Piece #2
Carousel Swings Piece #3
Carousel Swings Piece #4
Carousel Swings Piece #5
Carousel Swings Piece #6
Carousel Swings Piece #7
Carousel Swings Piece #8

I’ve made another one of these using Pion Design’s new Christmas papers and will post it soon to include the WPC cutting file.
Best wishes for everyone to have a very happy day!



Vintage Cash Register

Taras Studio_20150628_2[1]
Taras Studio_20150628_8
Taras Studio_20150628_9

Hello to all! Welcome to my blog and a big thank you for taking the time to share this post with me. I have had the idea in my mind for quite a while now to make a vintage cash register. I finally decided to dive in and just do it. It was made using poster board and chip board. It has storage/gift space in the “money drawer” and the top also lifts off for more space inside the register itself. I used papers from Pion Design’s new Linnaeus Botannical Journal collection which gives it a nostalgic, vintage feel.

You can also find this project on the Pion Design Blog here. I enjoyed making this so much, that I may make another one in the future to include a tutorial. Best wishes for a great week and 4th of July holiday!