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Blue Organizer

I love the color of the blue in Pion Design’s collection The Songbird’s Secret.  It is a turquoise blue and is so soft and beautiful.  This project has slits in the sides of the box for the borders of the organizer cards to pass through as a decorative element.  There are six organizer cards inside to separate cards, tags, notes, or coupons.  There’s a hidden small magnet to keep the lid closed.  This project can also be found on Pion Design’s March 22 blog post here.  The die used for this project is Heartfelt Creations Cut & Emboss Die, Regal Borders & Pockets and it is one of my favorite dies!  I love the elegance of that die!
Enjoy the day!

14 Responses to Blue Organizer


    Omg! This is gorgeous.

  2. Wow, Gorgeous project. Beautiful papers. Hugs Theresa xx

  3. It´s absolut stunning work here as usual Tara. I totally agree about this color, it is so sooo beautiful, and so is the entire project here as well. Really gorgeous work in every little detail as always from you. I´m truly amazed of everything you do.

  4. Jerri Smyser-Davis says:

    Tara what a beautiful gift you have!

  5. Domi says:

    superbe réa !!


    This elegant organiser box (what an under statement!) is a work of art.

  7. Corine says:

    Wow, it is beautiful !

  8. Roberta Comeau says:

    Tara, as a designer/artisan myself I have to say your work is stunning/gorgeous/beautiful/etc. You are a blessed artisan and thank you for sharing you gift. Always looking for your next creation.

  9. Angelique says:

    Omg love the colors and the organiser

  10. It’s a beautiful and art work piece. The colors are so soft and sweet. A treasure!

  11. joy brightley says:

    hi your work is so beautiful, I am looking for a way to contact Tara as I would like your carousel and need the template and construction details to assemble please can someone help me to contact Tara as I have tried and tried again with no success. kind regards Joy

  12. Anonymous says:

    wow, simply beautiful. Hugs Theresa.

  13. Lorena says:

    I am in awe. I am amazed by your talent! Such loveliness my eyes never did see. Thank you for sharing tips and tutorials, I will make a very uncomparable attempt at the typewriter. I have a cameo sillouette but its still in the box and I believe might require reading a lot of instruction, possibly a new degree to which I have no time for, so little by little I will try.

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