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Card Holder and new Theodore and Bella Pion Design collection



Hi!  This project was made using a Pazzles Cutting file that can be found here.  This little card holder was made using the blues of Pion Design’s collection A Songbird’s Secret.  It was featured on Pion Design’s Jan. 25 blog here.  For sturdiness, I used the cutting file to cut thin Silhouette chipboard pieces and then covered the pieces with the beautiful paper.

Pion Design has yet another new collection they will be releasing this week.  It is called Theodore and Bella and I’ve enclosed a preview below.  It promises to be another gorgeous collection!


I hope everyone has a great week!


15 Responses to Card Holder and new Theodore and Bella Pion Design collection

  1. Anonymous says:

    You always do beautiful work.

  2. Corine says:

    Wow, this very beautiful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Everything you make is very beautiful!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s beautiful project. Wow

  5. lolo says:

    oh tara
    it s marvelous
    thank you

  6. Margie Fulcher says:

    Tara, ALL your projects are so beautiful. I love the Pion Design papers. So happy to hear from you again. My stamping friends and I were just wondering if you had signed off because we hadn’t heard from you in awhile. Welcome back. I always look forward to seeing what your next project is. Thanks for sharing your talents.

    • Tara Brown says:

      Hi Margie,

      Great to hear from you! I appreciate the concern. I have actually been kind of in “limbo” for the last 6 mths. After retiring from the VA, we moved across the state and I started another job! We are temporarily living with family until our home sells in Edmond. So most of my tools and crafting equipment are packed, and it’s been challenging to say the least! Thank you for your comment!

  7. tlaneh says:

    As always Tara, its just so pretty!!!! Do you have instructions? I love your projects but I find that a lot of them don’t have instructions. Are you not able to give instructions as part of your contract? I just would love to make many of your projects but I can’t do them without some type of instruction. I know….Im one of “those kind of people”….LOL!!!!!

    • Tara Brown says:


      I used a Pazzles cutting file for this project but Pazzles has included complete instructions on how to assemble it once it’s cut out. So good to hear from you – thank you!

  8. lamanuelle says:

    Quelle splendeur!! Bravo! Bises Nadine

  9. Ezziej Bromwich says:

    Tara this is beautiful and being I do all mu crafting cutting by hand etc, What would you think if it was made out of several empty cereal boxes crafted together and allowing the back and en sides to be taller?

    • Tara Brown says:

      Ezziej, That would work great! Although I used a Pazzles cutting file for this project, I have seen others made with cereal boxes and think they look very good! Thank you Ezziej for your comment!

  10. CHASSERIEAU Michelle says:

    Hello Tara,
    I watched your video on your beautiful typewriter a multitude of times. I would like to realize it and I would like to know if you sell the materials to do it. Thank you for your reply. I will take advantage of my little message to tell you that your achievements are true masterpieces. You are a marvelous and admirable creator.

    • Tara Brown says:

      Hi Michelle, I do not currently sell materials but you should be able to find the foam board and the rest of the materials at craft stores. I hope you are successful with this project. Thank you for your very kind words – they are an inspiration to me!

  11. Terri Renner says:

    Do you sell your finished cards

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