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Hello! A challenge that I have with this blog is trying to make projects that inspire you! I never know which of my projects will be liked and which will not. Sometimes, I spend tons of time on projects (like this one) only to realize later that they were not very inspirational to many of you. So I have found that my mini albums are usually not popular posts, but I love making them! I made this 8″X8″ album for my middle daughter Jordan’s upcoming 25th birthday. You can also check out the album on Pion Design’s Blog here .

I love pairing black with other colors, so was thrilled when Pion Design introduced their latest collection featuring vibrant red and black colors, patterns, and images. This album was made using this romantic, beautiful collection, To My Valentine.

Sometimes words aren’t enough to express our love and affection, and because of all those beautiful love stories waiting to be told, Pion Design releases the paper collection To my Valentine. This is a paper collection indulging in a feeling of true passion. What could possibly go wrong with paper names such as Love letters, In my heart, Forever yours and Love is in the air?
With this colorful collection you are given the perfect opportunity to tell your loved ones how you feel, so welcome to share some love with those near and dear to your heart!
To My Valentine consists of 13 papers in the size 12×12”, 12 double sided papers including one singel sided image sheet, as well as 6 single sided papers in 12×12” with 4 designs in 6×6”.
You can visit Pion Design’s website here to view this new exciting collection.

PD6800 - 750x750(1)

8 Responses to To My Valentine Album

  1. Kimi says:

    Hi Tara, I find all your projects inspirational, but do understand your challenge, as I too struggle with this. Mini albums are my love and I love to see how others create and embellish their pages. Your mini is stunning!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. linedefrance says:

    Bonjour Tara
    votre mini album est une splendeur un vrai petit bijou !!!

  3. Louise Peña says:

    I cannot fathom anyone NOT liking anything you create!!! Some things may not be what l would make, but EVERYTHING you have created has been beautiful, and inspirational. This mini album is lovely!!! I was trying to think of a gift for my Pastor’s wife, and when l saw this, l knew l had found my inspiration!!! So, thank you for posting it, and please keep them coming!!!

    • Tara Brown says:

      Hi Louise, Thank you so much for taking the time to post your comment – it absolutely made my day! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Tara

  4. Paula Gale says:

    Hi Tara

    Your projects are always stunning – infact some of the best I’ve seen in the whole of blogland… I hope that ppl haven’t actually said this to you because that would be rude and inappropriate – each creation is a work of art and should be admires on its merits, not whether that person is in the mood for it or not… They always have the option of Pintetest…

    Well you certainly inspire me, but with full time college and study, crafting is not an option so I take pleasure in your creations and hope one day I’ll have more free time to create something (anything) half as beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving

    PAULA from across the pond xxx

  5. maryannl says:

    I can´t even imagine, if there´s anyone out there who don´t just LOVE any of your projects.
    Don´t know, why I haven´t seen this, except it´s been released in a period where I´ve had my 18 months old grandson here, which has meant, NO time at all in my craftroom, where also my computer is placed, so it´s just been checking very fast once every night, so my deepest appologizes for being so late, but I certainly LOVE this one as much as I love any of your stunning projects, and I´m sure your daughter did too. The black and red together is soooooooooooo gorgeous and looks sooo elegant, and all your decorations of it looka fabulous too. Just gorgeous work on every single page, that´s for sure.
    I can´t believe that there´ll be anyone, who´s not inspired by any of your amazing work, as I feel so inspired every single time I see anything from you, and I always want to try it all, if I just had unlimmited time to do so ha ha ha. I can´t count how many hours, I´ve spend looking through your blog, if I´ve needed an idea for a gift to someone or just to get a great idea some times.
    So please keep it all comming, I can see, I´m not the only one, who loves your work, and even I maybe don´t make the exact same things, I can asure you, that your ideas has inspired me to make lots of what I have over the last years, and ideas can be found in anything, even they´re used for something completely different.
    Have a wonderful week-end ahead now and hopefully you´ll have some time to create more of your amazing projects, and I´ll definitely bee looking for it anytime, that´s for sure. Take good care and keep it comming.

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