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Carousel Swings

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This Carousel Swing project tries to capture the bygone days of childhood when there was anticipation for county fair and carnival rides such as this one. We’re approaching the time of year for fairs in this part of the country, and I still go every year! I always look forward to the tasty funnel cakes and fried cheesecake that are so famous at the fair.
This project is functional with pull-out drawers on the base. It’s made with poster board, and chipboard. I’m enclosing the templates for this project along with instructions for how to construct it for those of you interested in making it. Be sure and scale and print each of the templates at 100%. It’s a challenging project requiring lots of time to make, but the end result is sure to be something that will be dearly treasured!

Carousel Swings Instructions
Carousel Swings Piece #1
Carousel Swings Piece #2
Carousel Swings Piece #3
Carousel Swings Piece #4
Carousel Swings Piece #5
Carousel Swings Piece #6
Carousel Swings Piece #7
Carousel Swings Piece #8

I’ve made another one of these using Pion Design’s new Christmas papers and will post it soon to include the WPC cutting file.
Best wishes for everyone to have a very happy day!


25 Responses to Carousel Swings

  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your templates for this awesome project.
    I just hope I can do it justice.

    Pat in Canada

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous!! Your work always is beautiful but this is really spectacular!

  3. Laura de Garza says:

    WOW! Espectacular. Thank you very much for the tutorial and the templates. God bless you.

  4. Myrtle J in VA USA says:

    WOW! I didn’t think I would ever see anything as beautiful as Caroline’s Fairytale Castle but Lady I think you’ve outdone yourself! Exquisite! Thank you so much for sharing. I can hardly wait to see the Christmas version.

  5. Gayle Byers says:

    I LOVE them!!! I am definitely going to have to make one. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Giovanna says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous!! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I will try this 🙂

  8. maryannl says:

    WAUW WAUW WAUW you´ve just done it again Tara. This is soooooo gorgeous and really magnificient work. You are really one of the most talented girls, I´ve ever had the honor to know. Thanks sooo very much for sharing all the templates and instructions for this hun, and I really hope, this is maybe what I need to get on with some crafty stuff here again after a really long and craft dry summer here. It is soo beautiful and perfect made, I just absolutely LOVE it.
    Have a wonderful day sweet lady and lots of great fun too, I hope.

  9. brigitte says:

    toujours aussi beau magnifique travail bravo!!!

  10. mchristine says:

    Tout simplement magnifique !

  11. Rannah Romps says:

    Oh Tara, you are so sweet to give us the template!! I love your work so much.

  12. zenzazy says:

    une merveille merci pour ce super partage

  13. Joey says:

    Thank you Tara for this lovely tutorial. It is just beautiful and I can’t wait to try to make it. Your work is just phenomenal. Love it.

  14. ginkatt says:

    Thank you! They are beautiful!

  15. loz says:

    WOW!! This is amazing Tara. Thanks for the template..loz

  16. Rita Drew says:

    hello…these are amazing!!! do you have the svg files to these…I wasnt able to convert the wpc. with the jpg files you have, unfortunately my Mac computer cant open them properly to save into the right size…with your beautiful typewriter box, I could only do screen shots of the image files, but still they didnt come out the right sizes. I hope you could turn these into svgs because I have a Silhouette Cameo

  17. Anonymous says:

    love this you are so tallented

  18. Hannelore Römer says:

    Super schöne Arbeit.hammer

  19. Lynn Blizzard says:

    OMG this is so beautiful thanks for sharing!

  20. Alice says:

    Lovely thank you

  21. Anonymous says:

    So beautiful xx God bless you

  22. Vivian says:

    Hi! This looks gorgeous!
    May I know how do you make the fences for both the carousel?

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