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Wedding Photo Cubes

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These origami cubes make great wedding gifts. Each side of the cube has a pocket feature with the ability to tuck in small photos. The tops of the boxes open to hold more photos or other mementoes. I used Pion Design’s new thick Palette paper along with decorative paper and images from their Vintage Wedding collection. The Vintage Wedding collection papers have very subtle color but are beautiful nonetheless. I made three using different papers from Vintage Wedding.

The cubes are being featured today on the Pion Design blog here.

Here is the Vintage Wedding collection

Best wishes for a great weekend!

7 Responses to Wedding Photo Cubes

  1. maryannl says:

    WAUW you´ve just done it again Tara. I´ve made loads of these cubes over the years but never thought of making them into something so personal like this, but it´s just perfect for a wedding keepsake, and these are sooo beautiful, and who wouldn´t love to get such a keepsake for their wedding? You´ve just made another masterpiece here again hun.
    Can I ask, what you´ve used for handles on the first two here? I can´t really see, if it´s some storebought or some you´ve made yourself? If it´s some you´ve bought, will you tell where then? They´re very very beautiful and fit sooo perfect for these kinds of projects.
    You have a wonderful week-end too and hopefully lots of great fun as well.

  2. Giovanna says:

    Meravigliose ❤️

  3. bernath says:


  4. brigitte says:

    elles sot tres belles

  5. AndreaUS says:

    I have seen these cubes before but NEVER EVER like this. Wow, this gives is a whole new meaning. What gorgeous detailing. Your creative mind is genius.

    Just found your blog and am in heaven..*sigh*