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More CHA Projects and Release of Pion Design Pallette

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The projects I’m posting today are ones I have done before but I remade them for Tattered Lace Dies for CHA.  I’ve already posted some other projects I made for Tattered Lace, and these are the remaining ones.  The “Love Note Mailbox” project above uses papers from Pion Design’s My Precious Daughter collection and the gorgeous die is from Tattered Lace.  The gold against the purple makes for a striking contrast.  I even found some gold thread for the stitching.

Taras Studio_20141207_51

This Pringles can box uses Pion Design’s Days of Winter papers. The heart die is another one from Tattered Lace.

Taras Studio_20141207_70[1] 

Taras Studio_20141207_71[1]

Taras Studio_20141207_73[3]

The above chest of drawers features Pion Design’s Vintage Garden collection along with two Tattered Lace dies.

Taras Studio_20141207_61[1] 

Taras Studio_20141207_62[3]

The sliding box is another of my designs using Pion Design’s My Precious Daughter papers and it features two dies from Tattered Lace.  The tutorial for this project can be found here.

Taras Studio_20141207_10[1]

This last project is a big paper cake made with Pion Design’s For Mother pink papers and decorated with a lovely repeating Tattered Lace heart die.

Last but not least, I want to introduce you to a new line of paper by Pion Design.  I’m very excited about it as it offers a wonderful alternative to card stock.  These thicker, solid-colored papers match all the Pion Design patterned papers.  I’ve already ordered a complete set for my online shop!

Pion Design never settles with anything but perfection, and when they heard that customers were looking to find solid basics to match their patterned papers, they decided to design and print their own, using the unique Pion Design color palette. The result is the collection Pion Design Palette, a wide selection of subtle colored premium papers that make a beautiful foundation for every crafting project and go together with their patterned papers perfectly.

The papers in this collection are of a heavier weight than their patterned papers and can be used for folding and altered projects or to add layers and dimensions to cards and layouts. With Pion Design Palette you will find it easier to craft your own story!


Pion Design Palette consists of 18 double sided papers in the size 12×12″.

A thank you from the heart for visiting!

9 Responses to More CHA Projects and Release of Pion Design Pallette

  1. maryannl says:

    OOOOOHmy goodness Tara, I am totally blown away with all these beauties here. They are all sooo gorgeous and well made, and I really hope, that I will get a chance to see some of your stunning work in real life, when we meet later? I would really love that, it is soooo amazing work you always do.

  2. Tammy Whitley says:

    Tara your work is stunning. It takes my breath away. Thank you for sharing your amazing creations

  3. Tara these wonderful work are fantastic, thank you so much for sharing and have a Blessed Easter

  4. lamanuelle says:

    Toujours admirative de ton talent! bises Nadine

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  6. Paula Gale says:

    Tara – these projects are every bit as stunning as ever… I sat down with my mum yesterday when I visited her – and showed her your blog with your exquisite projects – works of art, and definitely keepsakes to treasure!

    One thing I’d love to know, if you don’t mind sharing with me, is where do you get all of your pearls from? Do you purchase them by the roll? Each and every project you do includes hundreds of pearls – and either you are patient and have all the time in the world to place each pearl individually (and who’s going to do that) – or you purchase them on the roll… could I ask you where you get them from please… I never seem to find what I’m looking for. Thank you in anticipation.

    Paula x x x

    • Tara Brown says:

      Hi Paula! First I want to thank you for all your sweet, lovely comments. Your comments give me so much inspiration! These pearls are a “Paper Studio” product from Hobby Lobby and you can find them in the gemstone section of the papercraft area of the store. They go on sale fairly often for 50% off and that’s when I buy them! 🙂 They are flat-back self-adhesive strips, however I always apply a thin layer of glue to them, otherwise they start to fall off within a few weeks if I don’t. The smaller pearls come in packages of 5 rows, with each row measuring about 4″ long I would guess. I hope this helps! Thanks again Paula! Best wishes for a great week! Tara

  7. Paula Gale says:

    Thank you Tara – I’m in the UK, so we don’t have HL – I’m not sure we ever get any bargains like you do either… I’ll have a look around though. Thank you for responding 🙂 xxx

  8. mansi says:

    Hey Tara…. m.completely blown away by ur work … I simply have no words … I have a big board on ur name … I wanted.to ask that do u sell printable templates to create these projects.