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Siri’s Butter Churn

This real butter churn really came to life after being covered with Pion Design’s red Siri’s Kitchen papers.  At around 3 feet tall, it makes a lovely kitchen decorative piece and sits nicely in a cozy kitchen corner.  The post is being featured on Pion Design’s blog here today.  It’s difficult to photograph large projects like this and catch small detail, so I included some close-ups.

Taras Studio_20141004_3


Taras Studio_20141004_6-1

Taras Studio_20141004_3-1

Taras Studio_20141004_1

Many wishes for a great day!

2 Responses to Siri’s Butter Churn

  1. maryannl says:

    It´s absolutely jawdropping work here Tara, and I just sooooo love what you´ve done to this one here. It´s simply stunning and would definitely look great in my kitchen I´m sure ha ha ha.
    I sent you a PM on FB some days ago, but not sure, you´ve seen it, so you should probably look under other to get it. Hope you wwill.

  2. Sandy Steele says:

    Gorgeous work as always! I love this butter churn! I am such a huge fan of your projects and your work is amazing!