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Siri’s Vintage Kitchen Scale

Pion Design’s new paper collection “Siri’s Kitchen” has bold, bright red and blue colors with wonderful gingham prints and vintage images.  This project can also be found on today’s Pion Design blog here.  I know this may be an unusual project, but I thought that this new collection would be great for altering old-fashioned kitchen appliances like this vintage stainless steel scale.  I covered and sealed the body of the scale with the red gingham paper.  One scrapbook page in the collection is filled with framed images of different fruits.  I used the raspberry image off that page as I had fresh raspberries to place in the scale for these photos!   

Taras Studio_20140928_7

Taras Studio_20140928_3

Enjoy the day!

One Response to Siri’s Vintage Kitchen Scale

  1. Maryann says:

    This is sooo gorgeous Tara, I´m absolutely thrilled with these papers too, and your idea here with altering old appliances is sooo cool, I really like that, and the result here is sooo amazing and looks perfect. You are such a talented girl, I just love your work, and this is awesome.