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Woven Jeweled Ornaments and Jar

This method of paper crafting is super fun and I love the look of woven paper.  I made these ornaments and jar using Pion Design’s Days of Winter papers and this post is also being featured on their blog here today.  The templates, cutting files, and methods for woven paper projects can be found on the Papermatrix blog here.  
We took another trip to London, England recently and visited the Tower of London in hopes of seeing the crown jewels.  The line however stretched for what looked like miles and was moving very slowly, so I decided not to stand in the line.  I did however, visit Hampton Court and the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square again, and very much enjoyed viewing the paintings of dress and jewelry during that period of time, so was inspired to make today’s projects heavily jeweled for a royal, regal look.   

Taras Studio_20140901_5

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  1. wow love these Tara stunning work and love the soft colours!