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Grand Piano and Pion Design Release of Flower Frames

Occasionally I find templates that are just amazing and this is one of them!  Please step over to the Pion Design Bog here to see this project post.  You can find the Canon, Inc. template here – it gives a very realistic outcome.  The piano was made with paper from Pion Design, undoubtedly the most beautiful papers in the world!  Although I do not play the piano much anymore, it was an integral part of my life in the past.  My undergraduate college life was filled with playing the piano for choirs, ensembles, soloists, and stage bands, and later I was church pianist at several churches for many, many years.  Now, I just play occasionally for enjoyment. 

Piano Taras Studio Oct 2013 img 5

Piano Taras Studio Oct 2013 img 6 

Pion Design has released yet another beautiful paper line.  This line is called “Flower Frames” and it is absolutely beautiful.  There are lovely ornate flowered frames to show off your photos with vintage shades of purple, pink red, green, blue, yellow and soft gray.  Check back soon on my online shop to purchase these awesome papers.



Have a wonderful day!

10 Responses to Grand Piano and Pion Design Release of Flower Frames

  1. Erin Stevens says:

    Tara, I don’t know if you read your comments or not. You seem to be very busy creating beautiful things. I just wanted to say to you that I am simply in awe of you talent. I would give anything to have just 1/2 of it for a day!! I use to live not far from you for a while in Yukon, OK. But we moved back to Texas where I have lived all my life except for the year in OK and 1 yr in KS. I just wanted to tell you that God has blessed you greatly with the talent you have. I am so grateful that I found your blog and can see all of the beautiful things you make. The ones that blow me away the most are the musical instruments. They are so detailed and delicate. You also must have one heck of a craft room. You always have just the right embellishments.

    I wish you had some kind of class or something. I am sort of new to crafting. I discovered it relatively late in life. I became disabled due to advanced lupus and found crafting and sewing to be something that saved my sanity. So I am still learning. I normally am not one to go to classes. But girl for you I would!!! In a MINUTE!!!

    Again, thank you for all the work you do in making such beautiful things!!!

    Forney TX

    • TarasStudio says:

      Hi Erin,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful note. It made my day! I moved here from Lucas, TX (near Allen) about 5 or 6 years ago so I know exactly where Forney is. I just wanted to let you know that your words touched my heart and it means so very much to me that you took the time to write those kind words. It’s not often that someone will take the step to comment at all, so thank you – your words have inspired me. I wish you peace and good health during this holiday season. P.S. If you ever move back up this way, let me know! 🙂
      Love, Tara

      • Erin Stevens says:

        Well here is something SO funny. I try to work part time. It keeps me feeling like I am still a contributing member of society but it ALSO pays for my hobbies that have become so important to me. Well almost immediately after I left the comment on your blog, I got a call from an agency that places people like myself or those that have retired from the insurance industry. The thing is we all work remotely. It is the only way I could work at all since I no longer am able to drive due to seizures. By working from home AND keeping it part time, I am able to do it and have some extra income. Well the company I am going to be working for is in Oklahoma city!!! Can you believe that coincidence? I have probably left 3 comments ever. I just don’t ever know what to say! In your case it was more a case of feeling compelled to do it. I just sit here slack-jawed when I see something you have made and cannot believe someone is THAT talented and creative. The piano is unbelievable. I mean the keys!!!!! Still shaking my head in shock that you can make something so tiny and intricate. I would have to have the Hubble telescope in my craft room to see some of the tiny things you make!!!

        Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about the crazy thing that happened right after I commented.

        One of Your biggest Fans!!
        Forney, TX

        PS..you must order those tiny pearls in bulk!! I have actually ordered some too after seeing how pretty they are.

  2. Tahirah Lewis says:

    Hi this is very beautiful and I would love to try this, but how did you get to print on the paper without the black showing? it would be a great help. Thanks

    • Tara Brown says:

      Hi Tahirah,
      I printed the patterns on regular paper, and then I cut out the patterns. I then placed each of these patterns on the pink Pion Design papers and traced around them and cut them out. It was a long and tedious process but that was how I did it. Best wishes! Tara

      • Tahirah Lewis says:

        thank you so much i will definitely try that although i found a way to do it on adobe illustrator al a long process but i think your way is better lol..

  3. Elisabeth Ray says:

    Erin, What absolutely beautiful creations you make with paper! It is absolutely amazing–makes me want to make them too, …sigh. I especially adore the Piano and Violin–my two favorite instruments. Plus a String Bass (that my husband is learning to play)–I haven’t looked to see if you’ve made one yet…I guess not, as it is not a “Usual” instrument–such as the piano, violin, saxophone, etc.. I’d also love to make a banjo for my best friend…..some day soon (I’ll have to see if you have made one yet, lol)

    Cutting out parts…I wonder if any of those hi-tec cutters (the ones that look like printers) could cut out a scanned design (like the cut out parts of this piano and of the violin?

    I’m saving your site for when I am able to make your beautiful crafts. Thank-you showing us your beautiful crafts and what I’d need to make one. God bless you!


  4. Maria Hansen says:

    Hello! This is a truly beutiful piece of paper, so adoreable!! I would like to make one myself to my son at his upcoming 18th birthday in january next year, because he plays the piano. The link to canons template seems not to be working, its not there anymore. If you have saved a copy of the template on your computer, I would love it if you can email it to me. Thank you.

    • Tara Brown says:

      Hi Maria, I checked the link to Canon and it is still fine. Once you get to the Canon site just select the language, and then do a search for the piano on their site. It was difficult to make because I transferred the template onto Pion Design papers but it was a fun project!

      • Maria Hansen says:

        Thank you Tara! The link actually works now, funny they didn’t the last times I checked. Well, well, now it does. 🙂 I see tricky but yet fun.. Lucky me, I do have a lot of time left to do the hard work. Thanks again.