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3-Step Card with cutting file

Novem­ber 7, 2013 UPDATE!  I orig­i­nally found the man­ual tem­plate for this card by Sheila Weaver on the joannasheen.com site.  It is no longer there how­ever.  I did a search for the tem­plate but could not find it.  SO, I AM INCLUDING THE MANUAL TEMPLATE HERE that was made based on Sheila Weaver’s tem­plate.  It includes cut lines and score lines. The base card mea­sure 12″ x 6″ and the piece that joins with this mea­sures 6″ x 5 3/8″

I have made this 3-step card using Pion Design papers.  I found the man­ual tem­plate for this card here but of course I made a cut­ting file for my Paz­zles Inspi­ra­tion to make it easy.  Once the cut­ting file is made, mak­ing unique cards like this one can be done quickly.  The Paz­zles does the work of cut­ting pre­cisely, and all you have to do is dec­o­rate! :)  Here is the WPC cut­ting file for this card.  Place mouse over link and right click to “Save File” on your com­puter.    Then open in your machine soft­ware. To make this card as shown, there must be two pieces of card­stock joined together.  This is explained on the cut­ting file.  A sep­a­rate square is glued to the scored fold line to make the front flap.



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11 Responses to 3-Step Card with cutting file

  1. *I absolutely love your cre­ations.  It is nice to see some­one shar­ing ideas for a change, I’ve recently wasted money on a web­site and it really dis­heart­ened me.

    I am now scrap­book­ing my daugh­ters wed­ding album.


    My daugh­ters name is Tara, my grand daugh­ter Mar­i­anne — go fig­ure!!  (love this lady’s blog too.

  2. Beneta says:

    I wasn’t able to down­load the man­ual instruc­tions. The link didn’t work. Is there any other way to get it. I don’t have a Paz­zles machine

    • Tara Brown says:

      Hi Beneta! I see that they’ve removed that par­tic­u­lar tuto­r­ial from their blog — sorry about that! I will post man­ual instruc­tions for this card within the next few weeks, so check back! Have a great week.

  3. Rikke Stadsbjerg Hornstrup says:

    I wasn’t able to down­load the man­ual instruc­tions. The link didn’t work. Is there any other way to get it ?? Thank you :)

  4. Rikke Stadsbjerg Hornstrup says:

    I found the man­ual tem­plate for this card here ?? The link dosent work :)

  5. Rikke Stadsbjerg Hornstrup says:

    It is so pretty :) I would love to get the tem­plate to the card. I have never seen the card before :)

    • Tara Brown says:

      Hi Rikke! Good news! I’ve updated that post and included a man­ual tem­plate just for you. Let me know if you think it will work for you. Take care!

    • TarasStudio says:

      I tried send­ing you a mes­sage ear­lier but am not sure if it got through — if it did, just dis­re­gard this mes­sage. I did post a man­ual tem­plate today on this card post. I hope it works for you! Take care!

  6. Tara Brown says:

    Hi every­one! I real­ize the link has been removed to this card style of Sheila Weaver’s at joannasheen.com. So…I’ve included a man­ual tem­plate today (11/7/2013) for any­one inter­ested in mak­ing this card. :)

  7. TarasStudio says:

    Hi every­one! Since the link to the card tem­plate is no longer avail­able, I’ve included a tem­plate today (11/7/2013) for those who are interested!

  8. Rikke Stadsbjerg Hornstrup says:

    Tnank you so much for help­ing me. I’ve been look­ing for the card since I saw it on your blog. But have not been able to find it :)