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Hidden Drawers Cube

I’ve made two more of these “hidden drawers” cubes.  Here is the link for the template and instructions for this unique box by the talented Heather.  I’ve used this project to participate in the June Pazzles Challenge.













4 Responses to Hidden Drawers Cube

  1. Shana says:

    Hi, Tara. I tried to add this cutting file and when it opens I went to cut project. I select one piece and delete the rest and it is saying that the project is to big. Im not understanding what I need to do because the image fits in the workspace. I have only had my inspiration for about 2 weeks so I was simply trying to see if I could do this project because I absolutly love it. Can you assist me in trying to cut the file, Im not sure what I am doing wrong. Thank You

  2. Tara Brown says:

    Hi Shana!

    I downloaded the cutting file myself just now from my website to make sure it was still a useable file. It worked fine for me, so I’m not sure why your machine is not wanting to cut this. Have you tried other cutting files to make sure your Pazzles is working correctly? When you program your Pazzles, make sure it is set for a 12″ x 12″ cutting area. As long as the piece you are trying to cut is within the 12″ x 12″ cutting area, then there should be no reason for it to not cut out. The file is saved all together, so you might try this: go to your tool bar and select “select elements” and then go to your screen and click on it. This will “select” the entire project and you’ll see the little bars surrounding the project. Then go to your tool bar under “Shape” and select “break group” to separate the file pieces. Maybe that will allow you to cut out a single piece.

    If none of the above suggestions work, and if your Pazzles is cutting out other cutting files without problem, then it is likely that your computer for some reason is corrupting the file from my website. Sometimes computer firewalls can corrupt files from websites. I am sending you a separate e-mail and attaching the cutting file for you on the e-mail to see if maybe that will work for you. Please let me know if you are able to get this to work. Best of luck! The Hidden Drawer Cube is a great project and so easy with the Pazzles, so hopefully you will be able to get the file to work for you! 🙂

  3. Traci Lord says:

    Hello there, I’ve just discovered your Wonderful Site! I Absolutely Love all your creations! I was wondering do you have a template for this that I can cut out without a cutting machine? I noticed you gave one on the Valentines Corset Card. Thank you Traci ; 0)