Days of Winter Glass Decor

These containers were just plain glass when I bought them, but were transformed into the below projects after painting them with ivory paint and then decoupaging Pion Design’s Days of Winter papers onto them.  The post can also be found on Pion Design’s Blog here.    These make lovely gifts for the holidays and are so easy to make.  I did find that when painting, you can minimize paint streaking by mixing Mod Podge (1/2 part paint with 1/2 part Mod Podge) in with your paint and then applying the paint with a large sponge brush quickly.  I allowed 24 hours for the paint to cure before proceeding with the decoupaging and decoration.  I had originally made the flowers using the Spellbinders Spiral rose blossom #1, but I have never been able to shape a good flower with it despite many attempts!  Every time I make flowers with that die, my husband says they look like spiky “barnacles!”   So I gave up on that die and ditched the “barnacles” and used the much-used and loved Bitty Blossoms die.

Taras Studio_20140826_3-1

Olive Oil Bottle

Taras Studio_20140826_8e

Candy Jar

Taras Studio_20140826_12e

 Taras Studio_20140826_11


Taras Studio_20140826_2-2 

I got these bottles from Hobby Lobby.  They go on sale for 50% off frequently and so that’s the time to pick them up!  
Many wishes for a happy day!