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Siri’s Vintage Kitchen Scale

Pion Design’s new paper collection “Siri’s Kitchen” has bold, bright red and blue colors with wonderful gingham prints and vintage images.  This project can also be found on today’s Pion Design blog here.  I know this may be an unusual project, but I thought that this new collection would be great for altering old-fashioned kitchen appliances like this vintage stainless steel scale.  I covered and sealed the body of the scale with the red gingham paper.  One scrapbook page in the collection is filled with framed images of different fruits.  I used the raspberry image off that page as I had fresh raspberries to place in the scale for these photos!   

Taras Studio_20140928_7

Taras Studio_20140928_3

Enjoy the day!


Release of Pion Design’s New Paper Collection Siri’s Kitchen

 I wanted to share with you the wonderful new paper collection just released by Pion Design called Siri’s Kitchen.   I have some kitchen projects planned with these cheerful, vibrant papers that I’m anxious to get started on.

This fall it has been five fun-filled years since Pion Design started up, and to celebrate this they are giving away no less than five complete collections of Siri’s Kitchen in all different sizes!

If you want a chance to be one of the lucky recipients of these brand new papers they want you to share the news of this Anniversary Giveaway in your own blogs and Facebook pages. They would also like you to leave a comment on their blog here telling what kind of project you are looking forward to create using the Siri’s Kitchen collection.

The giveaway is open for entries until September 29.


The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home and Pion Design is now welcoming you to step into Siri’s Kitchen. With a scent of homemade jam and freshly baked cookies this is a place of warmth and togetherness destined to make you feel at home. Siri’s Kitchen is a paper collection inspired by all the things you will find in akitchen of old times; shelves stacked with delicate porcelain, monogrammed kitchen towels, ripe berries and useful labels. So let’s gather at the table and start documenting those priceless joyful moments!


Siri’s Kitchen consists of 12 double sided papers in the size 12×12″ as well as single-sided papers with 6×6″ designs.



Woven Jeweled Ornaments and Jar

This method of paper crafting is super fun and I love the look of woven paper.  I made these ornaments and jar using Pion Design’s Days of Winter papers and this post is also being featured on their blog here today.  The templates, cutting files, and methods for woven paper projects can be found on the Papermatrix blog here.  
We took another trip to London, England recently and visited the Tower of London in hopes of seeing the crown jewels.  The line however stretched for what looked like miles and was moving very slowly, so I decided not to stand in the line.  I did however, visit Hampton Court and the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square again, and very much enjoyed viewing the paintings of dress and jewelry during that period of time, so was inspired to make today’s projects heavily jeweled for a royal, regal look.   

Taras Studio_20140901_5