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Decorative Cup with WPC Cutting File and Manual Instructions

These decorative cups work great for small gifts as well as candy.  I used this project to participate in the Pazzles April Challenge “New to You.”  I’m enclosing the WPC cutting file here for the cup.  The doily base, heart, handle, and flowers were made using cutting files from the Pazzles Craft Room Library.  Although this cup was entirely cut using the Pazzles Inspiration, I have included easy manual instructions below.

Tara's Card Studio Project14 2 March 2013 img 14

Tara's Card Studio23 March 2013 Project 2 img 23

Tara's Card Studio Project6 2 March 2013 img 6

Tara's Card Studio Project1 2 March 2013 img 1

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Pion Design Studio of Memories
Bazzill Smoothies Walnut Cream cardstock
white corrugated paper
Tim Holtz Picket Fence Distress Crackle Paint
white lace
various sizes of self-adhesive pearls


1.  Cut an 11 1/4″ x 5″ piece of card stock and then score down the short side every 1 1/4″ to form 9 panels.  

Taras Studio Cup Tutorial Apr 2013  Img 2

2.  Fold along the scored lines and curve your cardstock into a round cup shape.

Taras Studio Cup Tutorial Apr 2013  Img 5

3. The handle can be made by taking two different sizes of a Spellbinders Nestabilities and cutting them together.  

Taras Studio Cup Tutorial Apr 2013  Img 1

Taras Studio Cup Tutorial Apr 2013  Img 3

4.  Fold the cut handle in half or to whatever length you would like it to be.  Cut the other part to about an inch from the fold line and then glue this 1″ part to the inside of one of the outer panels.  If you don’t have a Spellbinders Nestabilities set, you can be creative and design and cut your own handle.

Taras Studio Cup Tutorial Apr 2013  Img 6

5.  Glue the outer end of the panel without the handle onto to the inside of the other outer end to hide the glued handle.

Taras Studio Cup Tutorial Apr 2013  Img 7


Taras Studio Cup Tutorial Apr 2013  Img 8

6.  Use your favorite decorative round doily as a base and use a hot glue gun to adhere your cup to the doily base.  Take decorative paper and cut 8 panels measuring 4 7/8″ x 1 1/8″ size and glue these to the outside cup panels.  You can also cut out panels for the interior of the cup as well.  

Tara's Card Studio Project14 2 March 2013 img 14


Baby Shower Box

This was my first project for the Pazzles Design team and you can find the post along with instructions on how to make this box on the Pazzles Craft Room website here March 27.  I used cutting files from the vast, wonderful Pazzles Craft Room Library.  For those of you thinking about an electronic die cutting machine, I would encourage you to check out Pazzles, as this machine is amazing!   

I want to invite everyone to check out the “Papers and Pixels” online magazine that comes out April 15.  I am honored that some of my projects along with one of my brand new project tutorials will be featured in this wonderful magazine!  I’m so very excited about this!

Tara's Card Studio Box1 March 2013 img 1-1

Tara's Card Studio Box7 March 2013 img 7

Tara's Card Studio Box9 March 2013 img 9

Tara's Card Studio Box5 March 2013 img 5

Bazzill Smoothies cardstock: Walnut Cream 
Pion Design Paper: Alma’s Sewing Room – Blue Room (PD 3402) and Blue Fabric (PD 3408)
Tim Holtz idea-ology:   Curio Knobs
various sizes of self-adhesive pearls
Ivory Seam Binding
Ivory lace