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Holiday Wagon

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Glis­ten­ing Sea­son is Pion Design’s newest col­lec­tion and the col­ors are cool crisp gray-blues and choco­late browns and the images fea­ture angels and win­try scenes. The project is also being fea­tured over on the Octo­ber 9 Pion Design Blog here. This wagon has a paper hinge so that the roof can stay attached but will swing open to reveal a good sized gift space mea­sur­ing 7 3/4″ length by 4″ width by 5″ height. It’s con­structed of chip­board and then cov­ered with these heav­enly papers. I used dies for the wheels, roof shin­gles, door, win­dows, fence and lamp post. It’s hard to believe we are approach­ing the hol­i­day sea­son again. We are prepar­ing to move so I haven’t had much time to craft, and many of my craft­ing sup­plies are packed up so I am scroung­ing to find mate­ri­als and tools to use. May each of you have a won­der­ful day and enjoy the cooler Fall weather.


To embrace the peace and seren­ity of the Win­ter and hol­i­day sea­son Pion Design is releas­ing the paper col­lec­tion Glis­ten­ing Sea­son, a col­lec­tion cap­tur­ing the nat­ural beauty of Win­ter. With paper names such as Peace­ful­ness, Scrip­ture and Com­ing home you will find that this is a col­lec­tion brim­ful of Win­ter spirit. The adorable images and pat­terns of churches, angels and snow­bound fields make this col­lec­tion a sought after alter­na­tive to the more tra­di­tional Christ­mas col­lec­tions. So allow the Glis­ten­ing Sea­son to bring a har­mo­nious feel to every craft­ing project this upcom­ing Win­ter!
Glis­ten­ing Sea­son con­sists of 12 dou­ble sided papers in the size 12×12″ as well as 6 sin­gle sided papers in 12×12″ with 4 designs in 6×6″. The col­lec­tion is also avail­able within the col­lec­tion Mem­ory Notes, for fast and easy jour­nal­ing in an instant.


Mem­ory Notes is intended to make mem­ory keep­ing eas­ier. The 12″ sheets are single-sided and con­tains both famil­iar and new designs in the dif­fer­ent sizes 4×4″, 4×6″ and 3×4″ for increased versatility.


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Holiday Merry-Go-Round

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Hello to all! I have another Carousel to share with you today and this one is being fea­tured on today’s Pion Design Blog here. Instead of swings, this one has sleighs that are anchored with wood poles wrapped in gold rib­bon. The wood poles are just wood skew­ers! You can find the tem­plates and assem­bly instruc­tions on my pre­vi­ous August 26 post here. It has an octag­o­nal base with 4 pull-out draw­ers mak­ing it func­tional. This carousel fea­tures Pion Design’s new Christ­mas paper col­lec­tion “Christ­mas in Nor­way.” I love these tra­di­tional col­ors and their vin­tage images are just beau­ti­ful! For those of you inter­ested in the cut­ting file, you can down­load the WPC cut­ting file here.
Have a great week­end!

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Carousel Swings

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This Carousel Swing project tries to cap­ture the bygone days of child­hood when there was antic­i­pa­tion for county fair and car­ni­val rides such as this one. We’re approach­ing the time of year for fairs in this part of the coun­try, and I still go every year! I always look for­ward to the tasty fun­nel cakes and fried cheese­cake that are so famous at the fair.
This project is func­tional with pull-out draw­ers on the base. It’s made with poster board, and chip­board. I’m enclos­ing the tem­plates for this project along with instruc­tions for how to con­struct it for those of you inter­ested in mak­ing it. Be sure and scale and print each of the tem­plates at 100%. It’s a chal­leng­ing project requir­ing lots of time to make, but the end result is sure to be some­thing that will be dearly treasured!

Carousel Swings Instruc­tions
Carousel Swings Piece #1
Carousel Swings Piece #2
Carousel Swings Piece #3
Carousel Swings Piece #4
Carousel Swings Piece #5
Carousel Swings Piece #6
Carousel Swings Piece #7
Carousel Swings Piece #8

I’ve made another one of these using Pion Design’s new Christ­mas papers and will post it soon to include the WPC cut­ting file.
Best wishes for every­one to have a very happy day!


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